Why You Should Consider Grub Control For Your Lawn This Spring

You most likely won’t see them until it’s too late. Grubs in the lawn can cause significant damage, but because they hide beneath the soil, they often go undetected – unless you specifically go looking for them. With spring only a few months away, now’s a good time to decide if you should do something about these annoying critters. Learn how to identify the signs of grub damage and why you should consider grub control in 2022.

Why Grub Control Is A Good Idea

It’s impossible to completely eradicate any pest from your lawn – whether that’s grubs or surface insects. Having a few grubs won’t create an issue. Instead, problems arise when there are more than five grubs per square foot of lawn. If there are ten or more, you have a full-blown infestation on your hands. And the damage they cause is two-fold. For one thing, the grubs themselves will hurt the grass. And for another, other animals will destroy your lawn to get at the grubs, as we’ll discuss in the next section.

Telltale Signs Of Grubs In Your Turfgrass

The Grass Feels Spongy

When grubs destroy lawns, they do so from the root system. When grass doesn’t have a robust root system, it can’t pull water and nutrients from the soil and loses its vitality. When you walk across this stressed-out grass, it will feel spongy – almost like you’re walking on a very thick doormat.

Unexplained Brown Patches

Grass with dead or dying roots will eventually wither and die above the soil, creating ugly brown patches. Unfortunately, these brown patches often get mistaken for other common problems like lawn fungus and lack of nutrients. So homeowners apply fertilizer and disease control products, but of course, their lawn doesn’t respond to these measures because the problem is grubs. And in the meantime, the grubs will continue to munch away, giving them more opportunity to ruin the lawn.

Grass Pulls Up Easily

If your grass can be pulled up easily, like a freshly laid roll of sod, it’s most assuredly due to grub activity. If you can peel it back in this manner, you should see the white grubs beneath the dirt. Because grubs live underground, you will only see them if you go looking for them in this manner. That’s why grub control is so important.

Animals Are Tearing Up The Turf

Remember earlier when we said grub problems were two-fold? Well, here’s the other shoe dropping. Grubs are annoying to us humans, but many animals out there consider grubs a nice treat. Unfortunately, these animals will tear up the turfgrass to dig out these grubs. And unlike us humans, animals don’t have the same appreciation for a well-manicured lawn. Animal-related damage resulting from grubs is often worse and more costly to repair than the damage caused by grubs themselves.

How Do You Get Rid Of Grubs?

The short answer: call the professionals at Agxact Lawn and Pest. Our team has the expertise and training to identify the signs of a grub infestation and eradicate them. Our program’s great because it stops grubs no matter what part of their life cycle is currently unfolding. If you didn’t know, grubs start their life as caterpillar-like bugs beneath the lawn but will eventually mature into adult Japanese beetles and finish their life above the surface. So whether you’ve got eggs, grubs, or adult beetles, our program will break up the never-ending cycle of lawn destruction.

How To Restore Grub Damage

If grubs have left your lawn with unsightly brown patches, an overseeding application can help. This will fill in gaps and thicken up your yard in no time.

Get Rid Of Grubs

The best way to keep grubs in check is to take a proactive approach. Fortunately, Agxact Lawn and Pest has the solution! Our grub control application is suitable both as a preventative measure, which can be applied during your regular lawn care visit or as an additional treatment for lawns already infested with grubs. This product is safe for use in turfgrass and will not harm your plants. To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call us at 937-949-8199 or send us a message through our online form here.

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