Agxact Offers a Variety of Lawn Care Services for Dayton, Ohio

Home to the National Museum of the US Airforce, Dayton, Ohio, is known for its vast collection of aircraft, including carriers from the early 1900s and a space shuttle exhibit. What most people don’t know about Dayton, is that it is also home to 15,000 acres of stunning forests, farmlands and wetlands. Dayton is a hidden gem with picturesque landscapes and eye-catching appeal. We want the same for your Dayton backyard. That is why at Agxact, we offer a variety of lawn care services to help maintain your lawn’s health. One of those services is our seven-step application Turf Care Program. It combines the right nutrients using an organic plant probiotic that reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides while making it safer for the environment.

Weeds Become a Thing of the Past With Agxact

Weeds Become a Thing of the Past With Agxact

As lawn care specialists, our technicians at Agxact are familiar with the disease and weeds that plague our Dayton, Ohio lawns. While there are hundreds of weeds, some of the most troublesome in our area include:

Crabgrass is an annual weed that tends to show up in areas of thinning or weak grass when the soil temperatures reach 55 degrees or more for five or more days. It thrives in our hot, humid Ohio summers and is one of the fastest-growing types of grass. One plant can spread up to 150,000 seeds. Crabgrass receives its name because it grows low to the ground and contains stems that protrude outward from its center, resembling crab legs. The best way to prevent crabgrass from occurring is through the upkeep and healthy maintenance of your yard. Agxact’s seven-step application Turf Care Program provides your lawn with the right amount of fertilizer needed to keep your turf healthy and strong enough to ward off crabgrass and other weeds.


Dandelions are often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of weeds. With their bright yellow flowers and puffball seed heads, they are easily recognizable. They will grow just about anywhere, in any soil, or climate and will even pop up in the cracks of sidewalks and walkways. They reproduce rapidly and are hard to control. We recommend including fertilization and herbicide in your lawn care program for the most effective maintenance of these highly adaptable weeds. Agxact’s seven-step application Turf Care Program provides your lawn with the fertilization and weed control needed to combat dandelions and all weeds.



Chickweed is a low spreading weed found in most lawns. It has tiny, green, and oval-shaped leaves that end with a tip that glides along five white petaled flowers. It is more of a cold-weather weed because it doesn’t start growing until the fall and sprouts in damp or cool areas of your lawn. The best way to prevent chickweed is by developing a thick, healthy turf. Watering your lawn infrequently but deeply also helps to keep chickweed at bay since it prefers damp soil.

Prevent and Control Weeds With Agxact’s Comprehensive Turf Care Program

All of these weeds have one thing in common. The best way to prevent them is by maintaining your lawn with a well-blended fertilizer and weed control program. That’s why you need Agxact. Allow us to help turn your yard into the healthy, flourishing lawn you deserve.