Lawn Care Services in Kettering

In 2009, a driven group of experienced lawn care professionals came together to form what Agxact is today. We are a team of licensed technicians whose mission is to set a new benchmark of quality in turf care, tree and shrub care, pest control, and—most importantly—customer service. Agxact Lawn and Pest has transformed what Kettering residents expect from the lawn care industry by offering services that excel in innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Our Services:

  • Turf care
  • Grub control
  • Aeration and seeding
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Perimeter pest control
  • Mosquito control
  • Flea and tick control

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Turf Care in Kettering

Agxact’s 7-step Turf Care Program is our expertly developed solution for homeowners who want to know their lawn is getting the best nutrients to grow at its healthiest all season long. Whether you wish to improve your current lawn or you’re yard is in serious need of some care from an experienced lawn care specialist, our turf care program guarantees your grass will grow:

  • Deeper with strategically planned lawn fertilization applications.
  • Stronger from a premium blend of nutrients and our chemical-free probiotic.
  • Healthier with regular weed control applications and grub control treatments.

 Our turf care program is available in hybrid and fully organic to reduce the need for harmful pesticides and eliminate choosing between preserving the environment and having a velvety green lawn. Agxact allows you to do both!

Tree and Shrub Care in Kettering

Tree and Shrub Care in Kettering

For the amount of value trees, shrubs, and ornamentals add to your home, they require a different level of care and maintenance. Just because certain insects and diseases don’t affect your lawn doesn’t mean your trees and shrubs are immune to damage. Agxact’s 5-step Tree and Shrub Care Program, however, ensures your cherished plants are protected throughout the season.

Our tree and shrub care program includes root fertilization services, fungus control, pest control, and drenches. Everything included in our carefully crafted program yields tremendous benefits for your trees and shrubs like:

  • Vigorous root growth.
  • Minimal need for fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Greater resilience to environmental stress.
  • Less need for water.

Learn more about giving your landscape’s main attractions the care they need by calling Agxact today!

Aeration and Seeding in Kettering

Agxact recommends lawn aeration and seeding at least every other year during the fall to rejuvenate your grass and improve your lawn’s overall health. Lawn aeration is the process of breaking up compacted soil that forms on top of your lawn. This tough layer acts as a barricade over your grassroots and prevents water, air, and nutrients from reaching them. Agxact’s aeration and seeding service uses a core aerator to remove plugs of compacted soil from the ground to open pathways for water, oxygen, and essential nutrition to enter your grassroots. Regular lawn aeration allows roots to grow deeper leading to turf that is resilient to troublesome lawn stresses. We strongly advise following aeration with our seeding service, in which we scatter a premium blend of tall fescue seeds onto your lawn.

Signs Your Lawn Needs Aeration and Seeding:

  • Pooling water in your yard.
  • Bare patches.
  • Discolored grass.
  • Soil that is difficult to penetrate with a screwdriver. 

Perimeter Pest Control in Kettering

Agxact’s Perimeter Pest Control Program provides you and your family year-round protection from pests entering your home. Ohio homes are particularly attractive to ants, cockroaches, house crickets, mites, and spiders. When the outdoor temperature drops, homeowners notice an instant increase in insect activity and, if left unaddressed, you can find yourself outnumbered by an infestation. 

Our perimeter pest control service is a detailed 4-step process. Licensed pest control specialists spray an 8-foot barrier around your home, targeting the foundation, cracks, and crevices insects use as entrances. Agxact’s perimeter pest control spring application prevents invasions by targeting breeding areas. Follow-up applications in summer, fall, and winter reinforce your pest protection and will kill active pests and larvae on contact to dramatically reduce the population. 

Keep pests out of your home this year with Agxact’s Complete Detail Perimeter Pest Control. Call today!

Mosquito Defense Program in Kettering

Mosquito Defense Program in Kettering

If incessant mosquitoes are making your yard unbearable, the Agxact team is here to restore your right to spend time outdoors without getting bitten by these bloodthirsty parasites. Our Mosquito Defense Program covers your lawn with a powerful, yet organic mosquito control product that gets its highly effective repelling capabilities from the chrysanthemum plant.

Mosquito control isn’t the only service that protects your yard and family from host-seeking pests. Our program treats your property for fleas and ticks as well, lowering your, your family’s, and your pet’s risk of contracting any of the diseases transferred by mosquitoes and ticks. When you recruit Agxact’s trained technicians to execute our innovative approach to mosquito control, you’ll notice:

  • A reduction in breeding and harboring hot spots.
  • An unmistakable decrease in mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks in your yard.
  • A greater sense of relief knowing your lawn is safe for play and relaxation.