What Type of Grass is Best for Your Dayton, Ohio Lawn?

Winter in Dayton typically means cold, snow, and wind. So, I’m willing to bet you probably aren’t thinking too much about your lawn care right now. But go ahead. Do me a favor. Walk over to your window and look out back. Can you see your grass? If it’s not covered in that flaky white stuff, it’s probably brown and has gone dormant. But can you tell what type of turf it is? Do you know? It’s ok if you don’t. Most of us have no idea what type of grass covers our property. That’s why today, we are going to take you through the different types of grass and the various seeds that grow best in our cooler but semi-humid climate.

Cool Vs. Warm-Season Grasses

There are two different types of grasses.  Warm-season grasses consists of zoysia, St. Augustine, bermudagrass, and centipede. Cool-season grasses are comprised of Kentucky bluegrass, fescues, and ryegrass. Here in Dayton, our properties are lined with mostly cool-season grasses with a few seeds of warm thrown in here and there. This is because cool-season grasses are more suited for cooler, humid climates. Warm-season turfs are more suited for the southern states and more tropical regions. Where warm-season grasses go dormant when the temperatures outside dip below 65 degrees, cool-season remain active until the temperatures fall consistently below 45.

Most Common Grass Types Grown in Dayton

If we break the two types of grasses down even further, we see there are several types of cool-season grasses common here in Dayton, and they include the following:

The Fescues

Fine Fescue
There are two types of fescue grasses in Ohio. They are fine and tall fescue. Both have blades of a dark green shade. Fine fescue is a bunching grass that is great for cool, shady, dry areas. It’s highly adaptable to a variety of conditions and doesn’t require a lot of attention. It’s an excellent seed to use in yards with an abundance of shade or yards that struggle with moisture retention or poor soil. Fine fescue is not considered the most attractive turf, so rather than used alone, it is often blended with other grass seeds.

Tall Fescue
Tall fescue has a wider leaf blade than fine fescue and has the added benefit of being drought tolerant. It is a popular seed used in Ohio because it is extremely cold and heat tolerant and fairs well with our unpredictable weather. It makes a great turf seed for those lawns that experience heavy foot traffic; therefore, it is widely used on athletic fields and golf courses. It is a natural weed controller because tall fescue blades grow fast and block out the sunlight weeds need to sprout. On the downside, this rapid growth can require frequent mowing and upkeep to keep it well-manicured. 

Kentucky bluegrass

Another favorite found here in the Dayton area is Kentucky bluegrass. This attractive-looking turf is great for establishing new lawns because of its fast-growing roots and ability to recover fast from heavy foot traffic and damage. It has dark emerald green leaves with a soft touch, so if you like to walk barefoot on your lawn, this may be the grass for you. Like tall fescue, it is often used as the leading grass seed on school grounds, parks, and athletic fields. It tolerates heavy foot traffic and does well in light to full sun. Unfortunately, Kentucky bluegrass is more susceptible to lawn diseases and pests. However, a proper lawn care regime and a mix with other grass seeds such as ryegrass can help decrease the chance of a disease or pests taking over.


Ryegrass is often used in conjunction with other cool-season turfs to help repair and restore thinning lawns. This is because perennial ryegrass germinates faster than any other grass seed. It has pale green leaves with a thin fine texture. It is hardy, low-maintenance, drought, insect, and disease resistant. Sound too good to be true? It does tend to grow in clumps and can create uneven bare spots. Still, if seeded with another turf type, such as Kentucky bluegrass, the combination creates a thick, lush lawn.

When It Comes Time To Seed, Call on the Professionals at Agxact Lawn and Pest

We understand how challenging it can be to understand the differences between all the different types of grass seeds. With Agxact Lawn and Pest by your side, you don’t have to. We can take care of your lawn care and lawn work for you. After assessing your Dayton property, we will work with you to design a customized solution for your lawn. Our overseeding strategies can create for you a whole new yard, reverse existing decline, thicken the grass, and promote new growth. At Agxact, we utilize a mix of hybrid turf grass resistant to insects and diseases.

Maintain Your Newly Seeded Lawn With Agxact’s Lawn Fertilization Program

Once the seeds have grown fully into healthy, thick, lush grass, we will continue to maintain the strength and vibrancy of your lawn with our comprehensive lawn fertilization program. It combines the proper nutrients using an organic plant probiotic, containing over 800 species of microbe food and nutrient enhancers. It is a full-service turf improvement program, offered as either a hybrid-organic or full-organic service. This well-blended fertilization reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides making it better and safer for your loved ones, pets, and the environment.

Learn more about our overseeding process and comprehensive lawn fertilization program by contacting us online or giving us a call now at 937-949-8199.

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