Here’s Why You Should Get Mosquito Control This Spring

Spring is quickly turning into summer, which means the mosquitoes will soon be out in full force. Ohio summers are a treat – especially after the harsh winters – but mosquitoes can ruin the backyard fun and carry harmful diseases. That’s why you should really opt for professional mosquito control services this year. mosquito on skin

Why Mosquitoes Are Bad

Chances are you’ve experienced a mosquito bite at some point in your life, so we don’t need to describe how annoying and itchy it is. Unfortunately, mosquitoes may deliver more than a painful bump. They frequently carry diseases that can cause severe health problems. And they can affect not only humans but our beloved pets as well.

Diseases Carried By Mosquitoes

West Nile Virus

Symptoms of West Nile Virus are similar to the flu. They include effects like headache, fever, body or muscle aches, and a mild rash. Some cases have been known to be asymptomatic. However, West Nile can have more severe forms like neuroinvasive disease or WNND. The symptoms of this more serious strain can even be permanent. WNND can cause the victim to develop encephalitis, meningitis, and muscle weakness. Permanent neurological complications may result from WNND, such as paralysis, memory loss, and sensitivity to light. There is no cure for either form of West Nile, nor is there a specific cure, so, unfortunately, if you don’t take precautions against mosquito bites, you could be saddled with a lifelong medical issue.

Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Though rare, Eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEEV) can affect humans, horses, and birds.  EEEV can take 4 to 10 days to manifest symptoms. EEEV infection can result in neurologic disease, including meningitis or encephalitis. Like West Nile, some people may be asymptomatic, but it can also cause fever, chills, malaise, arthralgia, and myalgia. The illness lasts 1 to 2 weeks, and most people recover completely when it does not affect the nervous system. Signs and symptoms of the neurologic disease include fever, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, behavioral changes, drowsiness, and coma. Younger children are more likely to develop neurological diseases. While this disease is rare, it’s becoming a larger problem in the US.

How To Control Mosquitoes

Eliminate “Hot Spots”

One of the reasons that mosquitoes are so good at surviving is related to their life cycle. Female mosquitoes can lay their eggs in pretty much any still source of water. These eggs will eventually hatch and turn into flying mosquitoes, but mosquitoes are not unlike tadpoles in the larval stage. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to get rid of mosquitoes is to eliminate “hot spot” areas where they can breed. We understand that every yard is unique, and your lawn care technician will offer personalized advice. However, these are some common areas we see that encourage mosquito infestations:

  • Overwatering the lawn
  • Poor drainage in the lawn causes water to collect
  • Tall or unmowed grass

Don’t Skip Mowing

Tallgrass will invite not only mosquitoes but fleas and ticks as well! Adult mosquitoes like to hide out in tall grass during the day to avoid the sun’s heat. If your property has ornamental grasses, be sure to ask your lawn care technician to treat this area as well.

Don’t Rely Solely On Bug Spray

Bug spray is a great tool to have in preventing mosquito bites, but it doesn’t solve the problem – it only puts a bandaid on it. We’re not professional mosquito spraysuggesting you never use insect repellant. In fact, bug sprays with 25 – 30% DEET or 15% picaridin have been proven effective in repelling mosquitoes and other biting insects. However, sometimes we forget to reapply bug spray when having fun outdoors, which gives mosquitoes a chance to bite. And let’s be honest: bug spray does not smell appealing. The only real way to combat mosquitoes is to eliminate them. When you hire Agxact Lawn and Pest, we’ll treat your yard multiple times throughout the spring, summer, and early fall, so you don’t need to fret about citronella torches or bug spray. Our treatments will knock out mosquitoes at all stages of their life cycle, whether that’s eggs waiting to hatch or actively biting adults. And as we mentioned earlier, we don’t simply spray and walk away. Your lawn care technician will survey your property and alert you to anything else that can be done to avoid mosquitoes. For example: maybe there are some old tires in the back of your property that you’ve meant to dispose of. Those tires might be collecting water, which, as we know, can be a haven for mosquitoes. We believe in taking a more well-rounded approach to the mosquito problem, so you’re more satisfied with the results!

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