8 Fascinating Facts On The House Cricket

When you think about pests that you might find in your home, crickets are probably not what comes to mind. But if you’ve ever had one venture into your home, you know how annoying they can be. They’re incredibly noisy for such a small animal and can make it impossible to sleep. Have you ever wondered how it is that they chirp? Or even why they do so in the first place? Discover interesting things you didn’t know about crickets while you’re waiting for your pest control technician to spray the exterior of your home.

8 Curious Things On Crickets

Crickets Are A Tasty Snack To Some

In southeast Asia, especially Thailand, dried crickets are a delicacy known as Jing Leed. Their texture and flavor are similar to that of popcorn.

Crickets Bring Good Luck

In ancient China, crickets were considered good luck and kept as pets. In fact, the women of the court during the Tang dynasty (C.E. 618-907) kept crickets in elaborate containers and cages; some carved out of autumn gourds.

Crickets Don’t Have Lungs

“How do they breathe then?” The answer is spiracles. These are opening along the abdomen that allows them to take in air. Nature is very clever!

Crickets Named Themselves

The word “cricket” comes from an Old French “criquet” an onomatopoeia of the sound they make.

Crickets Are String Instruments

In the same way, we make music by rubbing a stringed bow against the strings of a violin or cello, so too does the house cricket make their signature sound. Their wings are covered in comb-like protrusions that, when rubbed together, create the sound we all know and love. And speaking of cricket chirps…

Crickets Sing To Communicate

Crickets don’t just sing because they like the sound. The chirps you hear on a summer evening could be a male attracting a female, celebrating mating with a female, or warning other males to stay away from their turf. How interesting that a sound that for humans is associated with sleeping and nighttime is actually the sound of crickets having a fight or dating?

Crickets Predict The Temperature

They may not be able to give you as accurate a reading as a human-made thermometer, but they can give you a general idea. Crickets chirp faster when the weather is warmer. According to Snopes, which verified an Old Farmer’s Almanac article, if you count the number of chirps over a 14-second period and add 40 to that number, you should have a rough idea of the temperature.

Crickets Pick Up Hitchhikers

Many diseases and parasites love to use crickets as a host. While crickets can technically bite, it is extremely uncommon. More likely, you’ll come into contact with these diseases through their feces – not their bites, which is why it’s so crucial to keep them away from you, your family, and your pets. Unlike other pests that accumulate as the result of poor lawn maintenance, crickets love well-cared-for lawns. And they’re great to have in our gardens, as they eat other bugs and fungi. We don’t need them in our homes.

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