Lawn Care Services in Columbus

Agxact Lawn and Pest does more than provide superior lawn care services in Columbus, OH. We represent a higher standard in the lawn care industry by going above and beyond with the latest methods and using chemical-free solutions to reduce environmental impact.

Our Services:

  • Turf care.
  • Tree and shrub care.
  • Grub control.
  • Aeration and seeding.
  • Perimeter pest control.
  • Mosquito control.
  • Flea and tick control.

Founded in 2019, Agxact is a team of trained professionals who share several years of knowledge in the lawn care industry. We share a passion and desire to set a new benchmark for excellent customer service. By delivering innovative turf care solutions that improve the health and look of your lawn in record time at an affordable price point, we aim to be your #1 choice for serving your Columbus lawn.

Turf Care in Columbus

If you want to maintain a stunning, vibrant lawn year-round with confidence that its needs are met with expert handling, and pet-safe applications, our 7-step Lawn Care Program is the way to go. It’s a full-service turf improvement program that combines the following:

  •  Strategically scheduled lawn fertilization applications.
  • Preventative and targeted weed control.
  • All-natural plant probiotic that reduces herbicide and pesticide use by 75%.
  • Preventative and curative grub control.

Agxact’s professional lawn care program is available in hybrid and fully organic and delivers a lawn you can admire and play on. Our environmentally friendly treatments ensure complete turf care that’s safe for your pets and loved ones to enjoy.

Tree and Shrub Care in Columbus

Ohio’s notorious tree-damaging diseases and insects can make your prized plants an exhausting responsibility. Agxact’s 5-step Tree and Shrub Care Program battles Ohio’s problematic pests and leaf diseases by using organic products to mimic the naturally nourishing soil you’d find in a lush, green forest. These eco-safe products limit the need for pesticides in your tree and shrub care routine and promote the following:

  • Strong root development.
  • Maximum nutrient uptake.
  • More robust plants in your landscape.

Agxact’s seasonally deliberate combination of root fertilization, eco-safe applications, and drenches promises to make the stars of your yard healthier, stronger, and more stunning than ever before. Learn more about our tree and shrub care program, and call us today!

Aeration and Overseeding in Columbus

If the ground feels hard beneath your feet and is difficult to pierce with a screwdriver, your soil is compact and needs lawn aeration and overseeding. Compacted soil blocks your grassroots from receiving water, oxygen, and nutrients. Excessive thatch on top of compacted soil worsens it, leading to bare patches on your lawn.

Agxact’s core aeration service breaks through tough layers of thatch and compacted soil by removing small plugs from your lawn and opening several paths for water, air, and nutrients to reach your grassroots. Aeration with overseeding fosters a quick recovery, and you’ll start to see your lawn come back to life within two weeks. The premium grass seed we use in our aeration and overseeding services is a customized mix of hybrid turf grass that melds well with your current grass and is resistant to insects and disease.

Lawn aeration and overseeding every two years improves the overall health of your lawn, along with other benefits like:

  •  Reducing water waste from watering or an irrigation system because your soil can absorb water better after aeration.
  • Allowing your lawn to fully benefit from fertilizer by letting nutrients reach your grassroots.
  • Promoting healthy oxygen exchange.

Perimeter Pest Control in Columbus

Perimeter Pest Control is a prevention method in which applications take place outside your home, keeping your abode safe and livable for family and pets during treatments. Agxact’s outdoor pest control technicians are well-trained at identifying problem sources and eliminating pests with the most up-to-date equipment and procedures.

Our preventive pest control service involves spraying an 8-foot barrier around your property’s perimeter, foundation, and any entry points insects would use to get inside your home. Agxact guarantees year-round protection from spiders, ants, cockroaches, and Ohio’s other multi-legged home invaders by applying perimeter pest control during all four seasons:

  • Spring application during their breeding season to prevent pests.
  • Summer application when pests are most active, killing on contact and eradicating larvae.
  • Fall application to block bugs from seeking warm shelter in your home as temperatures drop.
  • Winter application to reinforce the barrier between pests and your property.

Mosquito Defense Program in Columbus

Ohio’s mosquito season makes enjoying time in your yard unbearable. Aside from endless swatting and itchy bites, mosquitoes transmit serious diseases like West Nile Virus, Zika, and EEE. These parasites can also cause heartworms in pets, costing you a high vet bill and your furry loved one’s health.

Agxact’s effective mosquito control program gives you a bite-free summer by keeping these buzzing irritants away from your property. Our Mosquito Defense Program is proven to reduce breeding and harboring by guarding your home with an organic product extracted from the chrysanthemum plant, known for its mosquito-repelling abilities. Because Agxact’s mosquito control treatment uses a natural repellent, our Mosquito Defense Program is safe around pets and family members. Stop allowing mosquitoes to take over your yard!